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Welcome to the homepage for gtermix. gtermix is a gtk+ telnet client intended for calling BBSes. It utilizes a custom VGA textmode emulating terminal widget that allows it to accurately render bulletin board systems as they were in DOS terminal programs. gtermix is Free Software licensed under the GPL.


  • gtk+ user interface
  • Dialing directory
  • ANSI.SYS compatible terminal emulator, with support for TextFX, and subsets of vt100 and Avatar
  • Proper rendering for DOS-style BBSes

    The custom terminal widget used for rendering is designed to closely emulate a VGA textmode console as utilized in many DOS BBS programs. This includes support for VGA palette and font control. Additionally, IBM cp437 8-bit ASCII is supported as this is the standard for BBSes. Please see the SourceForge project page for more information and resources.


    12/17/2003: gtermix 0.2, a minor update to version 0.1, has been released. Improved keyhandling and corrected some rendering problems, and added a couple small features.

    11/23/2003: gtermix 0.1 released

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